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Universal Short Rail Purchase Information
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Note: We Can Ship 5 Rails Together in One Box for the Same Shipping Cost as One Rail!

Note: Rails can be ordered in un-anodized aluminum for Stainless Steel guns.  Send an email linking to your order for aluminum rail.

NEW! Universal Dovetail Short Rail

For ANY MAKE or MODEL that has the rear sight attached to a dovetail on the barrel.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SEMI-AUTO PISTOLS 

Comes Black anodized, can be special ordered in alum. color for SS guns, contact me.

This rail replaces your rear sight that is attached to the dovetail on the RIFLES's barrel.  Itís designed to take SMALL OPTICS ONLY, like Red Dots, Reflex Sights, etc. on TOP EJECT GUNS.  The Short Rail is NOT to be used on heavy recoiling guns larger than .44 Magnum WITH OPTICS HEAVIER THAN 5 oz.. A regular rifle scope may be used on NON-TOP EJECT guns on calibers up to .44 Magnum.  It is IDEAL with SMALLER OPTICS on guns from .22 cal. up through .44 Magnum caliber guns as well as most classic pistol caliber carbines such as the Winchester Model 73, etc. The list is almost endless!  If it has a dovetailed rear sight, this rail can replace it.

This rail installs with simple hand tools:  NO DRILLING OR TAPPING!



This rail comes with 2 different size dovetail blocks. The small one is for American Standard 3/8″ slots. The large one is for modern foreign made guns with metric slots.

You want the block to fit very snug. They may be a little over sized for your gun
in some cases, so a little file fitting may be required.

For Every 4 Rails Order, You Get a 5th Rail FREE! Mix or Match any of the Pearson Rails!

ONLY $59.95

Enjoy using modern optics on your rifle! Check out our Optics Page for our premier selections of the best optics and make a combo order of a rail and optic in one shipment! (Domestic Shipping Only)

Products Usually Ship Within 1-5 Business Days Via First Class Mail Except Sundays and Holidays.

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